Tour of Bradwell | Results 2015

Thank you for taking part in the 2015 Tour of Bradwell. Another hot year and we had 1 runner with heat stroke early on in the event. She is recovering well after a short stay in hosptial, but it is a lession to us all and shoes how quickly it can happen. There are several articles about it on the web but here is a simple discussion about the condition


Tour of Bradwell Results Overall by Course

Tour of Bradwell Results Splits by Class 


Photos from the event on Lose Hill summit and coming off Lose Hill


Nigel Aston has a race report

Andy Robinson has uploaded some photos and a report to the RunFurther site

Lynne Taylor's blog (her first Ultra)

Tim Budd's blog (4th overall)


If you fancy some more fun naviagting in the Peaks why not try the Peak Raid 3 series this autumn. Four Mini Mountain Marathons. All 3 hours long, on open access land.