Tour of Bradwell | Results 2017

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The Results for the 2017 Tour of Bradwell

Both Long and Half Tour Results

It was a good day out although the weather got a little wet in the second half of the day. The Half Tour and early Long Tour finishers made the best of it but the remainder of the Long Tour runners had a blustery damp finish. They all seemed to be smiling despite this!

We used the RaceTek timing again this year, which worked well. What worked less well was the visiting of all the controls. We hold are hands up here as we failed to set the timing system up to pick out the runners who missed controls and we now know some runners failed to visit specific control, passing close by but not along the correct route. We failed to pick this up initially and gave out some prizes to runners who missed controls and once done it was very hard to penalise any other runners who missed a control.

Disqualifying runners is always a dilemma we have with such a long route. How do you police the event? We do not want to mark the entire course. Not withstanding the the logistics of fully marking and clearing up a 33ml route this is also going against the spirit of the event we are trying to create, where a degree of navigational skill is needed. Also some of the missed controls where on clearly taped / marked sections. For example CP14 between Toads Mouth and Hathersage was taped but was still missed by at least 2 runners.

So the lessons to learn are:

1) We will be much tougher with checking all check points have been visited next year 

2) We won't rush to get prize giving done early as we need more time to check that all the controls are working and confirm the correct route has been followed.

3) Check Point 1 is too close the start and is likely to move to the top of Pin Dale so the runners are more split up. We simply had too many runners in too short a time and need to adapt how we manage the rush.

4) Oddly the map quality this year wasn't as sharp as normal. We will look into this for next year

Below are links to the results:

Half Tour overall results

Long Tour overall results

Half Tour and Long Tour splits (use the filter button to select the race)

Next years date: Saturday 11th August 2018